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Launch of NarcoticLove.com

Today, the website to my book NarcoticLove.com has launched. What this page IS about NarcoticLove.com is a source of information on narcissistic abuse in addition to the same-called book Narcotic Love: In and Out of the Coma of Narcissistic Abuse. It provides blog posts and a form of community for victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse and others who like […]

Why reviews matter

As independent authors and publishers, we take care of everything. It starts with the research, then the actual writing part, the editing, the formatting, the design, the copyright, other legal obligations, and ultimately the publishing of the book and marketing. Getting Narcotic Love out there took me exactly one and a half years from the first written word to ultimately […]

Make it personal

One of the best advice I have received so far is to “make it personal”, which can be inevitably beneficial when you do not know where to go with your story. And by making things personal, I am not saying to take things personally and easily get offended. Here is what I mean as a writer with a little backstory […]

Narcotic Love: 2 months later

My book Narcotic Love was published on September 13, 2019 – two months ago to be exact. To my own surprise, most copies have gone to my home country Germany so far. Due to demand and personal requests, I have decided to translate the book into the German language, as well! It has been an exciting journey so far as […]