• Vancouver, British Columbia

Narcotic Love: 2 months later

My book Narcotic Love was published on September 13, 2019 – two months ago to be exact. To my own surprise, most copies have gone to my home country Germany so far. Due to demand and personal requests, I have decided to translate the book into the German language, as well!

It has been an exciting journey so far as a first-time author and finally living part of my dream. I am happy that I was able to reach out to survivors via social media, or occasionally, they reached out to me. We help each other on our journeys not just as survivors but also as authors. Not to forget the support and encouragement I receive from my friends, family, and co-workers. At times, I was able to talk to people who had never heard about the subject and are now curious.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Amazon once more for their remarkable KDP service, offering self-publishing authors not only a platform to make themselves known but to be a great motivator at the same time with a very supportive customer service. 

Narcotic Love: In and Out of the Coma of Narcissistic Abuse is available on Amazon as paperback and ebook.
ISBN: 978-1999212209
(Stay tuned for updates on the German translation of my book.)