• Vancouver, British Columbia

Don’t compare yourself

There is an old saying that an artist should never compare him/herself to another artist. The same goes for writers then, of course.

I recently stumbled over a post on Facebook where a first-time author announced that she was in the process of writing a film industry related book. At this time, there are only two books of the same subject on the market that are recommended frequently. The author of the new book instantly apologized in her post and claimed that she would not intent to stand in any competition with the other authors of the two books and meant no harm. I was feeling sorry for her, because in my opinion, there is no competition, and I am sure that due to the obvious lack of printed information and recent developments, a lot of people would greatly benefit from her book.

In the past two decades, I have read nearly a hundred books on screenwriting, and guess what! About 99% of the contents of every book were the same, dealing with how to format your script, how to write witty dialogue, and what to avoid, BUT every single book was unique in its own way. If there was merely one fresh advice or perspective I could draw from it, then it was inspiring enough and worth the money. Even when I wrote Narcotic Love, I was well aware that it would not be the first one on narcissistic abuse out there.

Every author is unique in his/her own way, and that is why there is a personal touch and twist to every book. Unless you infringe somebody’s copyright, do yourself a favor and do not be afraid of competition. Just write…