• Vancouver, British Columbia

Translating Narcotic Love

Today, the German translation of Narcotic Love has finally hit the market. So far, only the ebook is available on Amazon. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the paperback will follow a bit later, once I have made sure the printed version looks as expected. Please stay tuned for that.

It has been a bit over eight months since I published Narcotic Love and it has been quite an exciting journey so far, not just as an author and publisher but especially the connections and friends I have been able to make because of it.

It had not been my initial intention to translate the book into German, but as the sales were growing in Germany and more people were asking for a translation, I could not say no. Now that the work is done, I am happy you were able to change my mind; it feels good to be productive and to have accomplished something in a time we find ourselves isolated and unemployed in our regular jobs, and on top of that, I have learned a lot…

1) You need an editor. Editors give you a variety of corrections and suggestions to improve your book. I definitely needed an editor for the German version. Although, I translated the first draft myself, it sort of shocked me to realize how bad my German writing has become over the past couple of years that I have been living in Canada. My sister abroad, an avid reader and experienced with the subject, helped me tremendously.

2) Translating the book into German has shown me parts I would like to improve in the English version, which I will be working on next. Yes, there will be a revision coming out. Those who have purchased the ebook in the past will be able to refresh the file in Kindle.

3) I have started to treat ebooks differently. While I still prefer to publish print replicas (i.e. ebooks that resemble the paperback and do not have their own plain text format), I have come to the conclusion that ebooks require less in general that makes the conversion from a paperback into an ebook more efficient. This includes no more index and consequently no more blank pages. Creating a thorough index requires several days of work. Sometimes, print replicas differ slightly in format, as the text needs to be centred and the margins need to be adjusted accordingly. This particular reformatting can lead to several inconsistencies in the index. As Kindle offers a search function, an index is pretty much redundant for ebooks, and aside from that, Kindle uses its own page numbers. With this being said, the index and all blank pages will be removed from the upcoming English revision of the ebook.