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The 6 Months No Contact Journal

You can do it! ♥ The 6 Months No Contact Journal is a therapy companion for survivors to stay on track with their progress toward healing from narcissistic abuse. Writing can be very therapeutic. This timeless journal will motivate survivors to process their experiences and feelings through writing.  Contents:◆ 6 Timeless Calendars to enter your appointments and pre-plan your month ahead◆ Space for […]

Translating Narcotic Love

Today, the German translation of Narcotic Love has finally hit the market. So far, only the ebook is available on Amazon. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the paperback will follow a bit later, once I have made sure the printed version looks as expected. Please stay tuned for that. It has been a bit over eight months since I […]

Narcotic Love: 6 months later

It has been six months since I self-published my first book on Amazon and I am excited to announce that I finished the first draft of the German translation yesterday, which will be published soon. While it was not my initial intention to translate Narcotic Love in order to be able to close this very personal chapter once and for […]

Launch of NarcoticLove.com

Today, the website to my book NarcoticLove.com has launched. What this page IS about NarcoticLove.com is a source of information on narcissistic abuse in addition to the same-called book Narcotic Love: In and Out of the Coma of Narcissistic Abuse. It provides blog posts and a form of community for victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse and others who like […]

Narcotic Love: 2 months later

My book Narcotic Love was published on September 13, 2019 – two months ago to be exact. To my own surprise, most copies have gone to my home country Germany so far. Due to demand and personal requests, I have decided to translate the book into the German language, as well! It has been an exciting journey so far as […]